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Wedding Photography Bookings

Wedding Documentary

Sure, there’s all the glamour you can document at a wedding; the perfect dress, the flawless finishes. I love shooting that. But more than anything, it’s the quirks of the day, those natural moments that stun me; the candidness of a steamy cup of coffee in hennaed hands, the raw teary funny-face emotion, the bride getting gatvol of being in heels the entire day.

I believe in the immersive approach. It’s not about how much I can shoot in an allocated space of time. I want to capture genuine emotional vulnerability; the palpable love between family and friends. I want you to look at your photographs on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and feel every flash of that day’s joy and sweet possibility.
I also want you to feel like a rockstar. And I will ugly-cry happy tears along with you.

Other useful things to know:

  • Have passport. Will travel.
  • My husband Naeem is not only my other half, but also my second shooter. We’ll have all your angles covered.
  • All weddings need to be booked at least 6 weeks in advance. The sooner you are able to confirm, the better.
  • I book a limited number of weddings per year.
  • A quick edit of around 5-6 images is made available to the bride for sharing with family and friends within 24 hours of the wedding.
  • All weddings are shot with pro DSLR cameras and lenses (and we always have back-up equipment).
  • We are prepared for all interior and exterior photo lighting scenarios.
  • Our full-coverage packages for 2020 start at R9000.
  • A special rate is available for limited coverage of intimate ceremonies/receptions with a guest count of up to 40.
  • Select wedding packages include photobooks.

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