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Rates (2021)*

Our wedding and event photography offerings are on hold. Have a look under Lifestyle Photography for our post-wedding/trash-the-dress session rates.

Note: The time specified in the hourly rate refers to time spent at the shoot. Basic post-processing costs have already been factored into the prices displayed. Travel costs (at AA rates) will apply if the shooting location is outside the Greater Johannesburg area.

Special Home Industry/Small Business Start-Up Product or Food Photography package

  • R1500 fixed rate for an initial session (up to two hours) for a home-based industry or a small business that’s just starting up. Additional time/sessions billed at regular food and product photography rates (see below).

Food and Product Photography

  • E-commerce Listings/Basic Product Photography: packshots/products photographed against a plain white background (view examples) at R30 per image (background removal charged separately). There is a 15-image minimum for a session to be booked.
  • Styled Images: Small business online/social media use – R1200/hour | Half Day – R3000 | Full Day – R5500 (7 hours)
  • Independent Cookbooks/Food Blogs: R1200/hour | Half Day – R3000 | Full Day – R5500 (7 hours)
  • Independent Restaurants/Emerging Brands: Half Day – R3500 | Full Day – R6000 (7 hours)
  • Corporate/Established Brands/Commercial Publishers: Half Day – R5000 | Full Day – R10000 (7 hours)

Fashion Photography

  • Independent Designers/Small Business: R1200/hour | Half Day: R3000 | Full Day: R5500 (7 hours)
  • Stores/Brands: Half Day – R5000 | Full Day – R10000 (7 hours)

Lifestyle Photography (Couples, Children, Families, Pets, Personal Branding, Bloggers, Graduations)

  • R1500 (90 minute photo shoot on-location Greater Johannesburg. Excludes venue fees if applicable. Edited photographs delivered via Dropbox download)

Portrait Sessions (Greater Johannesburg)

  • In-Studio session (Johannesburg South): R850/hour (personal websites/blogs, social media use)
  • On-Location for Non-Profits/Personal Use/Blogs/Social Media: R1200/hour
  • On-Location for Publishers/Corporate/Print Use: R1400/hour |  Half Day – R3600 | Full Day – R7000 (7 hours)

Interiors/Architectural Photography (Greater Johannesburg)

  • R1400/hour
*Subject to change

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