Our wedding and event photography offerings are on hold. Have a look under Lifestyle Photography for our post-wedding/trash-the-dress session rates.

Note: The hours specified in these rates refers to time spent at the shoot.
Basic post-processing costs have already been factored into the prices displayed.
Travel costs (at AA rates) will apply if the shooting location is outside the Greater Johannesburg area.
Venue hire, consumables and specialist prop-sourcing charged for seperately.

Home Industry/Small Business Start-Up Package


This is the fixed rate for an initial session (up to two hours) for a home-based industry or a small business that’s just starting up.

Additional time/sessions billed at regular food and product photography rates.

Food Photography

Small Business/ Independent Cookbooks/Food Blogs

R1200/hour | Half Day: R3000 | Full Day: R5500 (7 hours)

Independent Restaurants/Emerging Brands: 

Half Day: R3500 | Full Day: R6000 (7 hours)

Corporate/Established Brands/Commercial Publishers: 

Half Day: R5000 | Full Day:  R10000 (7 hours)

E-Commerce Photography

R30/image photographed against a plain white background (view examples).

Background removal charged separately.

There is a 15-image minimum for a session to be booked.

Product Photography

Styled Images: Small business online/social media use:

 R1200/hour | Half Day: R3000 | Full Day: R5500 (7 hours)

Emerging Brands: 

Half Day: R3500 | Full Day: R6000 (7 hours)

Corporate/Established Brands/Stores: 

Half Day: R5000 | Full Day:  R10000 (7 hours)

Fashion Photography

Independent Designers/Small Business:

R1200/hour | Half Day: R3000 | Full Day: R5500 (7 hours)


Half Day:  R5000 | Full Day: R10000 (7 hours)

Portrait Photography

In-Studio session (Johannesburg South):

R850/hour (personal websites/blogs, social media use)

On-Location for NPOs/Personal Use/Social Media:


On-Location for Publishers/Corporate/Print Use:

R1400/hour |  Half Day: R3600 | Full Day: R7000 (7 hours)

Lifestyle Photography


for a 90-minute photo shoot (suitable for couples, families, pets, bloggers, graduations) on-location within Greater Johannesburg.

Edited photographs delivered via Dropbox download.

Interior/Architectural/Business Photography

Realtors/Interior Specialists:

R1400 per hour

Branding shoot (includes interiors, portraiture and client interactions)

R3500 for a three hour session


New to photography or looking to demystify working with created light?

R850 for a two-hour one-on-one workshop in-studio (Johannesburg South). Attendee to bring along relevant equipment.


R1000 for a two-hour one-on-one workshop at the client’s premises.

Email snap@shootcake.com for group rates

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