UJ Homeopathy School Year-End Dinner 2017


The University of Johannesburg’s Homeopathy School hosted their year-end dinner at the Radisson Blu in Sandton. Here’s a sampling of some of my shots from the event.

I loved that the venue had such great views of the Sandton skyline from its balcony. I also brought along my portable strobe and beauty dish and we were able to do do some quick photo-booth shots against the beautiful flower backdrop Zara had set up.

I love shooting dances and using flash sync modes to capture some of the movement and energy. These homeopaths did not disappoint. Killing on the dance floor must be part of their syllabus.

About the Author:

I am a freelance writer and photographer (look for me as ShootCake). I have an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University, Grahamstown and some of my work has appeared in local literary journals. A food pornographer by calling, I would like to one day create a confessional recipe book in measures of rhythm and breath.